*Quote by Nasir Jones | "Fur" is completely faux. 

*Quote by Nasir Jones | "Fur" is completely faux. 



Kamari Chelsea is the founder of liveDREAMS, a creative marketing, production, and business coaching agency.

There, she supports creative professionals every step of the way through the process of birthing their professional, personal and lifestyle dreams until they ultimately “go live.”

From personal brand development, to new business launches, to marketing and media events, Kamari has brought myriad creative visions to life over a decade-long career.

In 2015, her extensive public relations, media, and branding experience in the creative (music, beauty, fashion), corporate, and start-up industries landed her on the PR News’ short list of Top 30 Rising Stars Under 30.

Previous corporate clients include Procter & Gamble, The Coca-Cola Company, Parkwood Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and more. She has also coached many of the next generation’s rising and established stars in the entertainment, journalism, fashion and beauty industries, as they launched independent business and personal brands.