Five Places To Go - Again and Again - Before You Die

Five Places To Go - Again and Again - Before You Die

Inspiration can be fleeting. It’s like waking up in the morning with perfect hair that doesn’t need to be touched. It’s a Unicorn (curly girls understand).

And motivation, then, is like a set of symmetrical, fleeky eyebrows. Hard to get. 

The reality of most of our lives is that we get up in the morning at an ungodly hour (like, even Jesus sips His coffee extra black when reviewing your 5am prayers) and push through an 8 to 12 hour day until we come home and collapse. But what happens when that 8-12 hour day is spent supporting your dream - not living it? The mundane routines of a desk, retail or even barista job can make it easy for us to lose inspiration and motivation to pursue the greater goal in our hearts.

Trust me, I have been there. Many times.

It wasn’t until I began traveling and finding creative places in my life that I realized how critical they are to keeping me on track while I work to support my bigger goals. Here are five places that take me far from the mundane and the uninspired. Places I go back to, again and again, to remain excited and in pursuit of my dreams (because eff it, I want my proverbial Unicorn and my fleeky brows):

The Terrifying Place

When I was younger, the little life coach in me would use my little brother as my first client. He could not have been older than 14 when I wrote him a note with the phrase “Make Yourself at Home on The Edge.” Surprisingly, he hung it on the wall above his desk and has been a living example of that ever since. Every harrowing experience and every zone that’s adrift from your comfortable place was created for your growth. So when you’re feeling uninspired, or worse, comfortable, it may be a sign that you’re not growing. Go to the place that scares you - it could be a karaoke night or improv class or just a gym or a distant relative’s house. Make yourself at home in these places and you’ll never have a shortage of life’s inspiration.

The Internal Place

Many of us fear going to this place more than we do the Terrfiying Place. Yet, it’s the easiest, cheapest and most fulfilling place to go: it is going within (I call it, my God place). How often do you take time - in absolute silence - and sit with yourself? Quieting your life and even your own thoughts and taking the time to just listen to your breath can create miraculous, otherworldly experiences and out of it comes the kind of clarity that no therapist can offer. If you’re feeling super confused and overwhelmed by your life lately, this place is for you. Don’t fear what you’ll hear or learn when you go there, no matter how intense you think it may be it’s going to jolt you with peace and motivation to recommit to your dreams.

The Unknown Place

This is the place you literally know nothing about. It could be Thailand or Brooklyn, but it is a physical place in the world that is foreign to you. Many of the times I’ve traveled to new, unknown places, I’ve found that the people there - who I knew nothing about - had many things in common with me. Travel far, travel bold and you’re bound to find that there are places in the world that know you way better than you know them. And that is f*cking magical.

The Safe Place

Liiistteeen. There’s nothing like a safe place. One where you can freely express your thoughts on life, love, race, religion, politics, art, music, or even your hair and not be judged. Most of these places can be found in our closest friends, family members and soul mates. Go to that place and go often, because it is where you can express your feelings and thoughts beyond the mundane and be challenged and developed regularly. I am immensely thankful for the people in my life who’ve created that place for me.

The Inspiring Place

Ok, so maybe I’m cheating by saying “Get inspired by going to an inspiring place.” But, check it: I recently came back from a conference where I had enriching conversations with like-minded, entrepreneurial women all day long. By the time I left the building, I was electric - it was as if I had been blacked out for months until suddenly, the spirit and energy of being around people who I genuinely admired, respected and understood relit and energized me. I’d found the place that truly inspired me, and while I sort of just fell into it, it quickly became clear how often I need to go back there. For some people, it may be an art gallery, live concert or movie theater that lights your fire - but whatever it is, search for it relentlessly and when you find it, visit and visit again, so you won’t ever have to miss it. That way, your inspiration will never go missing.