the thing about loving what you do

the thing about loving what you do

Sometimes when I see those Instagram memes that say “love what you do, do what you love” followed by someone hash-tagging full sentences about their fabulous job, I start to feel bad. No shade. No hate. But now days, you get tons of Instagram love if you have one of those jobs that literally glitters, involves mid-day brunches and shopping trips, and allows you to scream and shout from city rooftops: “I love my job!” 

Each and every one of us has something to "turn up" about right now -- regardless of our profession.

But wait. What is a janitor supposed to feel when he or she sees that? Or the guy who makes sandwiches at the deli? The admin guy at your office? Should he be left feeling that his life is officially wack because his job isn’t necessarily something he can scream, shout and “turn up”about?

"Each and every one of us has something to 'turn up' about right now -- regardless of our profession."

In the Bible everyone had a trade; Jesus was a carpenter and other people made a living by being things like a real-life shepherd (not the proverbial kind). But those people were never known for what they did in terms of their trade. There was no glitter and not everyone had gold. But some of the Bible’s most inspirational and impactful figures did other activities – hobbies or singular actions – that ultimately made them great figures in history. 

During the Civil Rights movement, up until the moment she simply sat down with intent, Rosa Parks did not have a job that people were interviewing her about. Yet, I don’t have to say much and you know who she is. Because her life wasn't defined by what she did for a living, but it was defined what she did in a pivotal moment.

So, maybe we aren’t all going to love what we do for dollars right now. And that's OKAY I tell you. 

For those of us who are just paying the bills, there’s no need to feel bad if you can’t run up and down Twitter boasting about how great your job is and how it makes your heart pitter patter. Instead, just ask yourself – outside of work, what do I do? Count the moments – all those hours outside of the 8 you spend in an office or elsewhere. Or count the hours -- the ones you spend being there for a coworker in need or making sandwiches for local businessmen on the go or keeping schools clean for America's children (something we actually take for granted in our country). 

If those moments and hours are spent making something in this world better, then you still have to right to shout (and Instagram) “I love what I do.” 

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